Why attend?

As the world takes stock following one of the most dramatic and unusual years that anyone can remember, it is becoming increasingly clear that the events of 2020 will have long consequences, and infrastructure will play an important role in the recovery.

Last July, the Biden Plan was published, pledging to “develop innovative financing mechanisms that leverage private sector dollars” to deliver a “clean energy revolution”. With Joe Biden now installed in the White House, and continuing chatter about a comprehensive infrastructure bill in Congress, the US looks set to lead the continent out of the downturn caused by the pandemic.

President Biden will not be alone: whether considering Canada to the north or any number of Latin American countries to the south, the Americas are primed to use infrastructure to boost their economies, with private finance ready and waiting to play a key part.

Session topics to include:

- Procurers from across the Americas discuss their procurement plans, pipeline of projects and overcoming challenges in 2021 and beyond
- Infrastructure post-pandemic: Responding to the new normal
- Transit and Tech – planning for the next generation of mobility and connection
- Fireside chat with futurist Matthew Griffin, ‘the advisor behind the advisors’Innovation and higher education – a growing sector
- ‘Innovation in operation’