Winsome Bowen

Winsome Bowen

Head of Regional Transportation Strategy


Winsome is a public transportation professional with over 25 years in the A/E consulting practice – with a focus on delivery of multimodal transportation and community development projects. She has provided transit industry leadership for some of the top 10 civil engineering consulting firms.


She began her career in community planning and child welfare programs in developing nations with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).  In 1992 she expanded her professional practice to include community redevelopment in post-disaster relief and recovery in South Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew, before she transitioned to the public transportation sector.  Her career accomplishments include multimodal transportation and community redevelopment projects built and in use across the United States.


She relocated to the Bay Area to join Facebook’s HQ team and lead this social media company’s regional transportation strategy and partnerships.  Her leadership of a bold effort to explore a public-private partnership that would assess redevelopment potential of an unused railroad for public benefit was the catalyst for her transition to the Bay Area.   She carefully built a talented team of specialty consultants to strategically explore this development potential. 


In the words of one of her team members, “Winsome moved heaven on earth to take a project that was dead, and breathed new life into it, getting the communities on both side of South San Francisco Bay excited, after 25 years of inertia and weak political support.  She tactfully powered through traditional municipal silos to foster cross-bay collaboration.  She made it happen; gave this South San Francisco Bay crossing new wings, and made it part of the northern California infrastructure conversation.” 


As a certified life coach, Winsome blends her professional experience with leadership coaching in service to college students, younger workforce entrants, and senior professionals facing transition to retirement.


Winsome has a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning, University of Miami, 1992 and a Bachelor of Arts (Geography), Temple University, 1985.

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