Brent Butzin

Brent Butzin

General Counsel

Colorado HPTE

Brent Butzin is General Counsel for the Colorado High Performance Transportation Enterprise (HPTE).  HPTE was formed to aggressively pursue innovative means of more efficiently delivering important surface transportation infrastructure projects, including public-private partnerships, operating concession agreements, user fee-based project financings and design-build contracting.  As General Counsel, Brent is leading legal and commercial negotiations for the public sponsors of the $1.2 billion Central 70 availability payment DBFOM.   During his tenure, Brent has also been involved in the US 36 Managed Lanes, I-70 Mountain Express Lanes, C-470 Managed Lanes and various other design-build and financing transactions across the State.

Prior to joining the State of Colorado, Brent was an attorney at White Bear Ankele focused on infrastructure finance and development representing local governments across the Rocky Mountain region.  Brent also worked for the U.S. Department of State directing governance and provincial reconstruction efforts in Iraq.

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